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"I am a sea of knowledge in many things, a couple of meters deep, but enough to swim and dive in it, and have the time of my life while doing so."

- Come on in, the water is so warm and lovely!

Born and raised in Colombia, passion has always driven my way into happiness... that is what happens when you come from a country that lives life to its fullest.


I studied advertising in Medellin, Colombia [Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana], worked as an advertising agency creative copywriter and decided to turn a bit towards images, not only words. Brand design & strategy, photography, illustration, design, and film production, became a lifetime of happiness, and life itself... Especially when you combine them with Voice Over, travelling, music and cooking: Everything is an inspiration, and there is inspiration wherever you go.

Currently living and loving in the United Arab Emirates.


There is no reason not to believe in passion, once you find happiness in the things you do every day, and turning them into the thing you do for a living. And hey! I'm a happy lass!

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