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About ME

My name is Maria Antonia

I am a bit of tropical flavour in the middle of the desert! Like the perfect coffee bean: grown in Colombia, roasted in Italy, and served in the Middle East. Passion has always driven my way to happiness: this happens when you come from a country that lives life to its fullest!

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I was born and raised in Colombia, a country driven by passion and whose citizens live life to the fullest. I studied Advertising in Medellin (Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana). I then topped my University degree with a diploma in Creative Thinking and a Master's Degree in Barcelona for Visual Identity and Package Design (ES Design). I worked as an advertising agency creative copywriter and then turned towards images, not just words. Brand strategy and brand design, photography, illustration, design, and film production became a lifetime of happiness and a life on its own. Especially when combined with voice-over, travelling, music and cooking: Everything is an inspiration, and there is inspiration wherever you go!

For the past ten years, I have called the United Arab Emirates my home, embracing the beauty of its multilingual and multicultural environment. Every day is an adventure, and I enjoy the opportunity to learn something new by the hour!

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